Program Plan and Description


Core Principles and Purpose

      Community Participation

      Keeping teen mothers with their children

      Accurately assessing children for permanent foster placement

      Provide positive life changing services to children and their families.

      Providing homes that will take sibling groups.

      Providing trained quality foster homes for behaviorally challenged youths male/female from 0 to 18 years of age. 

Innovative Program Features 

      Foster parents and Case managers providing 60 days of assessment in order to match the child/children with the appropriate foster placement.

      After close monitoring and assessing a child/children NBN will make recommendations to the legal agency as it relates to the appropriate

placement of a child/children in a foster home.

      Placing teen mothers in the home with their children.

      Work with teen mothers to empower them with strong parenting skills

      Treatment model of foster care with strong emphasis on reunification.

      Caseloads not more than 8 families per case manager.

      Parenting groups for teen mothers

      Independent living skills within the foster homes 

Unique Program Features 

      Comprehensive services


      Strong assessment skills of foster parents and case managers as it relates to monitoring the childrens behavior in an effort to meet any deficiencies possible.

      Partnership with an agency that provides clinical services. 

Program Core 

      There will be a strong recruitment effort for foster parents that are specifically interested in young teen mothers and their children. The foster parents will be trained to provide strong parenting skills to the young mothers in an effort to help the teens become better mothers. The foster parents will also provide life skill and role modeling to ensure the best success for the teen mothers and their children. The teens will be involved in mentoring programs to include group and/or individual counseling.  We will focus on independent living skills and parenting groups for the teens.

      Provides professionalism to the foster care system to include 24-hour support and consultation from staff.  

      Children receive a comprehensive array of services that are coordinated through partnership with community agencies and NBN. 

      Ensures a strong commitment to children and their families through dedicated and caring NBN foster parents and staff.  

      Birth parents will be linked to community resources and support including housing assistance, parent skills training, and job placement services and counseling.  

      NBN will service behaviors challenged youths from ages 0 to 18 years old male and female, all races and nationalities to include all religious beliefs that are located in the Metro Atlanta area and surrounding counties.



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